Creating your first project

If you're just getting started with setting up your company on Goplan, one of the very first things you'll want to do is to create a new project. You can either click through to the projects page from the Dashboard itself (that link goes away once you create the first - it's just there to get you started quickly), or by using the "Projects" link on the dashboard sidebar.

Creating a new project is as simple as:

  1. Visit your company dashboard (by visiting your Goplan URL, or if you already have it open, by clicking your company name on the top left corner of any screen)
  2. Click "Projects" from the dashboard sidebar
  3. Click "Create project"
  4. Fill the new project form with
    1. Project Name
    2. Project Alias - this is a short handle for your project. Your project will sit at
    3. Description - optional, but useful if you have many projects to work on
  5. Click Create project on the bottom of the form

Managing projects

In the project list screen (which you access from the "Projects" list in the dashboard sidebar) you can see a list of your current projects. Next to each of these projects is a manage button which expands when clicked to include the options below:

  • Access list - Lets you see who has access to your project. Individuals and teams (teams are groups of people) can have access to projects. This access can be read-only, which means they won't be able to create new items.
  • Edit - Lets you edit project definitions such as name, alias and description
  • Archive - Your goplan subscription may include a limited number of open projects (at the time of this writing, the Startup plan lets you manage 10 projects at a time). Archiving a project once it has been completed frees up one of these slots. Archiving a project can be undone and no data is lost - the project simply is removed from the list of active projects and your navigation, to keep things from cluttering your Goplan work environment.
  • Export - Use the export option if you want to download an XML file with all the data for a project (this does not include files). You can keep this file in your own local backups.
  • Delete - Deletes the project from your Goplan workspace and our servers. All data related to this project is deleted. Keep in mind this operation can't be undone.