We get many emails from users who ask us “What happens to my data if your servers blow you, you go out of business, or you take a life-long trip to hawaii?”. This question is not only sensible but one that is logical to pose in times like these, not only to us who run Goplan, but to anyone who runs a web-based application that stores data that belongs to you. People often also ask “What happens if you’re hacked? Is my data safe?”. We’ll do our best to clear up all these concerns with this post.

Security and scalability

Goplan’s infrastructure run on top of Amazon’s web services (AWS for short). This is one of the main reasons why Goplan runs so smoothly with little to no downtime – even when we update features and functionality. Running on top of AWS also means that we have created a flexible architecture that scales as demand rises. If a lot of people are using Goplan at any given time, additional servers are instantly and automatically added to our cluster (nerdy-talk for group of servers) so that your access speed is always great.

With AWS comes the security and reliability of a company you probably already know quite well (, which we hope lets you sleep at ease knowing that your data is safe. As if that weren’t enough, we backup data every hour and keep these backups, so even if something went very wrong with Amazon, you’d still be safe.

Getting out as easy as getting in

We make it really easy to get started with Goplan (we even let you import data from other services), so it makes sense if we make it just as easy to leave if you are unhappy. If you ever want to pack up your data and leave, you can use our API to export all your project data and files. And for those of you who do not have developer-chops, we’re working on an export/backup solution which should be released soon.

So to cut a long story short,

You are safe with us. We want you to be confident that our team is constantly doing everything in its power to not only keep your service going but improve it at all times. If you have any questions, we’ll be glad to answer them in the comments. And as always, the community spirit is going strong over at Get Satisfaction so do check it out too if you have any requests, ideas or problems with Goplan.